Recently, many of us have had the opportunity to be home more than ever. This has us all thinking about improvements we could make around the house. Many of our clients are interested in expanding their living space either outside the home via patios and porches, or downstairs, by remodeling or finishing their basement. Our experienced team of designers is here to help you create more usable living space so you and your family can further enjoy your home. While outdoor living spaces can be a great addition to your home, a finished basement has a few major advantages you may want to consider.

A Finished Basement Creates Year-round Usable Space

While we have created some amazing outdoor environments for our clients that are designed to be enjoyed all-year, extreme weather conditions will inevitably bring your family indoors from time to time. Finishing or remodeling your home’s basement can give you more space for year-round entertaining and you won’t be ruled by the weather forecast. Having a cozy hideaway to watch movies or play during the winter or on rainy days gives your family more room to grow together.



You Won’t Run Out of Uses for your Finished Basement

Your basement is the perfect place to make up for the areas your main home lacks. If you need to create extra bedrooms for overnight guests or a more open dining space for holidays, your basement is the perfect place to add those areas. We love supporting our clients with creative ideas for their basement remodeling project. From craft nooks and play areas to movie rooms and modern wet bars; the options are endless. Visit our blog for more basement projects and inspiration.



A Finished Basement Increases Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re looking to sell your home in a few years or not, creating a basement that allows you to further enjoy your home while you’re still in it, and especially while you’re in it more than ever, is valuable. It’s also one of the major improvements that can lead to an increase in your home’s value, allowing for a return on investment when you do sell. Giving your family and friends more space to enjoy your home is something you will appreciate for years and years. The residual increase in your home’s value because of it is the icing on the cake.

The Mosby Building Arts team is here to help you create an inviting and comfortable basement so your family can make the most of your time together. Learn more about Mosby Building Arts and our talented team at