Mosby Building Arts Client Experience Coordinator Noël Powers’ describes her Dad’s long-standing lawn care recipe. This recipe has been successful for years.


When I was growing up my Dad always had a lush lawn, the neighbors have always complimented him on his thick green lawn. My Dad has a lawn recipe that he follows every year. He gets all of his products from Brian at Supreme Turf in Fenton, visiting him every 6 to 8 weeks for advice on what to put down, based on the present and past weather patterns we have had for that season. I know Supreme Turf will even test your lawn if you bring them a sample of it and tell you what kind of soil you have and exactly what products to use. I will lay out my dad’s “lawn recipe” for you to follow.

Winter Months

In February to be exact, lay down a pre-emergent with a barrier in it for weeds.

Spring Months

Around 6-8 weeks after the pre-emergent (usually late April), put down another dose of that fertilizer used in February. This should cover the lawn for most of the summer.

Summer Months

In early June my Dad sometimes sees a case of fungus in the yard. If there is a fungus, lay a very strong fungicide along with around 180 lbs. of gypsum. Then the first week of July put down a small dose of fertilizer with a bug protectant.

Fall Months

Come every other September aerate and over-seed, and lay a bag of starter fertilizer. Don’t cut the grass for about 3 weeks after laying the fertilizer so that the seedlings can root. And finally, at the end of October, lay a bag of winter fertilizer.

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