Why You Need An Architect For Your Remodeling Project

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For room additions, whole-house renovations, new kitchens, master bathroom remodels, and other major home improvement projects, hiring an architect is a smart decision. Architects are trained in design theory, structural systems, project management, and coming up with inventive ways to solve complex design problems. They make sure the project is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Design-Build vs. Traditional 

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Often homeowners will hire an architect before the contractor is involved with the project. After the architect meets with the homeowners to determine their needs and wants, they will deliver a complete set of construction drawings to a contractor to get bids. If bids come in over budget, as is often the case, then an expensive re-drawing is usually necessary. Hiring an architect to oversee a project is the highest level of service you can provide yourself and your remodeling project. Starting with an individually licensed architect for your remodeling projects will typically add 5%-10% of the cost of a project to the bottom line. When you work with Mosby Building Arts, our licensed architect, certified designers, and skilled craftsman are all under one roof, saving you planning time and money.

More Time to Plan Means Less Headaches

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The money you save may be reflected in more informed purchasing of materials and estimated labor, as an architect and design team may be more familiar with more economical solutions upfront.
During the project, there are fewer change orders made when a design has been thought through thoroughly with a licensed architect and certified designer. The time an architect will spend working on the design to anticipate problems can help avoid the need to make changes during construction that are invariably more expensive. A designer or architect will also help assure code compliance.
Successful spaces are a result of proper planning from the beginning and executing those plans all the way through your remodel.

 For over 70 years, Mosby Building Arts has been dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and craftsmanship to St. Louis, MO homeowners. Including our architect, Brian Yount, we work on your project from design to construction and everywhere in between, meeting your needs and expectations every step of the way, staying on-time and on-budget. To schedule a consultation for a remodeling project, give us a call at 314-909-1800. Or click here.