01 mosby arts and crafts kitchen

The owners of a 1929 Richmond Heights, MO home were originally wanting a remodeled kitchen and breakfast room. As seen in the photo above, they remodeled the kitchen, which expands upon the Arts & Crafts touches seen throughout the home.

02 mosby arts and crafts breakfast room

And they expanded the breakfast room (see the photos above) so it more naturally flows off the kitchen with a classic Arts & Crafts column treatment designed and built on site by Mosby carpenters. This former siting room was modified to add a rear entry door and passage ways to a whole new part of the home. And this is where the story gets interesting.

03 mosby arts and crafts addition floorplans

A quick look at these floor plans will convey the scope of how this family’s ground floor was reconfigured to include all their needs and desires. But it was the conversations between the couple and their Mosby designer that turned this project into more than a kitchen and breakfast room remodel.

During initial conversation about their desires for the new kitchen, the designer learned that the couple had the upcoming retirement years on their minds, and were wondering how they’d fare in decades to come accessing their second floor bedroom. They liked the idea of a ground floor master suite, but felt their home lacked the space to make that happen.

The Mosby designer asked if the couple would prefer to stay in this home or had plans to later move to a more accessible place. The couple had never thought of it in those terms, but once asked, realized they would rather stay in the home they loved. And they became excited about the possibility of converting this home into their forever home.

04 mosby arts and crafts kitchen remodel

A rear room addition gives them the extra square footage they’d need for a master suite, but the existing space was also reconfigured to create better flow and add new spaces. The original back door entry into the kitchen (inset photo above) converts to a window, creating more counterspace and storage for the kitchen. See more photos of the remodeled kitchen.

05 mosby arts and crafts breakfast room

The rear entry moves to the refurbished breakfast room, and this (above) is the view when you come in the new entrance.  The new door can also be seen to the right of the room addition in the photo below.

06 mosby room addition

Now, let’s talk about that room addition. Outside, the white vinyl siding bump out created an opportunity to re-think the patio area and connection to their detached garage.

07 mosby arts and crafts room addition

This is the interior of the room addition. The frames of the windows mimic the Arts & Crafts molding throughout the rest of the house, and the new wood floors are laid and stained to match the original floors. For now, they use this as a TV sitting room, but when the day comes it will quickly convert to the bedroom of the master suite.

08 mosby arts and crafts room addition

The doorway on the left in the photo above takes you through what was once a tiny spare bedroom next to a tiny bathroom. Those spaces are now a hallway with a massive walk-in closet which leads to an expanded master bathroom (below).

09 mosby arts and crafts bathroom

An exceptional detail about the bathroom pocket door and closet sliding doors is that they were saved from the original rooms, refinished and re-purposed to serve in a new capacity. This touch lends authenticity and history to the new spaces. And note that the bathroom mirror frame faithfully replicates original window moldings. They took every opportunity to double-down on the Arts & Crafts look.

10 mosby arts and crafts hall laundry

The other doorway in the room addition takes one through a new hallway to the kitchen. This is a multi-purpose passage, with both a built-in desk for a home office niche, and a washer and dryer hiding behind the base cabinets. The countertops are deep enough for folding and sorting laundry, and there’s plenty of related storage above.

The couple is delighted to have laundry on the main floor of their house, and that there are more spaces and rooms that fit their current lifestyle and will easily transform as their abilities change. The art of this remodel is that the home’s space, flow and comfort were greatly improved while looking like it was always this way.

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