We recently sat down with the guiding lights of the Mosby Building Arts production team to learn what motivates their commitment to excellence.

Tyler Cluff, the Vice President of Production, has been with Mosby since 2003. Tina Reese, Production Department Manager, has been with us since 2008. Between the two, they have keen insights on the Mosby construction process, as well as mentoring and creating  a new generation of carpenters with the Tradeswork apprenticeship.

Here are Tina & Tyler’s answers to 5 questions:

Tina Reese is the Production Department Manager for Mosby Building Arts, a St. Louis design-build firm.

Tina Reese is the Production Department Manager for Mosby Building Arts, a St. Louis residential remodeling design-build firm.

What differentiates the Mosby production process from other remodeling companies?

Tina: The level of commitment to excellence we get from each employee is very different than any other company. We make the process smooth for the clients as well as the employee.

Tyler: I believe there is a greater emphasis on the journey of the process rather than just the end results.  Many companies can deliver a great project – that should be a given. The Mosby difference is the experience that the client enjoys as the project is being built.

What aspects of your production team are you most proud of?

Tina: I love the fact that they take so much pride in their work. They know customer satisfaction is important to Mosby, but it is also important to them, so doing a great job is their personal priority.

Tyler: I agree with that; our production staff wants to please the client and exceed their expectations.  They tend to create friends out of our clients. Something else I’m real proud of is how willing and eager they are to learn how to do things better, smarter and faster.

Tyler Cluff is the Vice President of PRocution for Mosby Building ARts, a St. Louis design-build firm.

Tyler Cluff is the Vice President of Production for Mosby Building Arts, a St. Louis residential remodeling design-build firm.

What production changes or improvements are you most excited about for 2017?

Tina: We just promoted 4 Lead Remodelers to Project Managers so I am excited to see their growth, and what improvements and efficiencies they will bring to the team. Another improvement is our Project Leads now have iPads, along with the Project Managers who’ve had them for a few years. This makes it easier for them to see work scopes and stay in touch with updates to each job.

Tyler: Our entire production team is getting better with the technology they are given. Technology is now a necessary skill for carpenters. Everyone can now get answers faster and sign important documents on the spot, which elevates the client experience.

Mosby was voted the 2016 Technology Market Leader by Pro Remodeler.

This is the second year for Mosby’s apprentice program, Tradeswork. What are your observations about our first two apprentices? And will they stay on with us?

Tina: Manuel and Daniel were great picks! It’s amazing to see two people with no construction knowledge learn so much in one year. It really shows how well our Production team can teach others the craft. We will be hiring them both after their year is up, for sure.

See what Tradeswork Manuel and Daniel accomplished in 2016.

Tyler: Yes, we definitely plan on offering them a permanent position. It is interesting how much people who want to learn a trade, and are willing to listen, can grasp in such a short time.  Both of the candidates have had many opportunities to learn new skills, and each of them have excelled in different areas.

Enrollment for 2017 is now open on Tradeswork. How does the application and selection process work?

Tyler: We review all the applications that come from the Tradeswork website and interview each of the candidates to find ones that exhibit our core values of integrity, commitment to excellence, accountability, respect, and teamwork.  We can teach the skills, but the values usually come with the candidates.

Tina: Agreed. Skills are teachable, but attitude is everything! Excitement to be in the construction industry and a willingness to embrace our core values are what we’re looking for with the next apprentices. If someone fits this bill, they should apply now!

And here’s where people aged 18-25 in the Metro St. Louis area with reliable transportation can apply for a Tradeswork apprenticeship.