Spring signifies rebirth and starting anew. The cold of the winter has been traded for warm sunshine, flowers are blooming and grass is getting greener. And while it’s looking fresher outside, it’s a good time to start looking indoors. Around this time of year many homeowners get prepared to tackle spring cleaning chores and the bathroom is always a priority.

Besides the obvious areas to focus on, there are some other areas that often aren’t thought of that could use some TLC:

Shower Head

A study from the University of Colorado showed that 30% of shower heads had high levels of bacteria that could cause lung infections. This could especially affect those with compromised immune systems, so cleaning this area of your bathroom can be an important chore to keep up on. The above video demonstrates an easy way to clean your shower head.

Exhaust Fan Cover

Your exhaust fan is not something you look at every time you go into the bathroom, so it’s not surprising it’s often over looked when cleaning. Just like anything else in your bathroom it can collect dust. The quick video above demonstrates how to take apart and clean a common exhaust fan cover.

Faucet Aerator

Faucet aerators are found on the tips of sink faucets. They are used to create a steady stream of water, as well as prevent splashing. Over time the aerators can become calcified because of the minerals in tap water. Regularly cleaning this part can prevent that. Many aerators can be unscrewed by hand or with a wrench.  The YouTube clip above shows you how to do it.

Re-Caulking Your Tub

Over years of use, the caulk around your tub can become worn down, dingy and peel. It’s important to caulk around your tub to keep moisture from seeping into the walls and causing problems. If you’ve never caulked before it might seem to be a little challenging. Luckily the Internet is chock full of helpful videos like this one that can show you how to re-caulk, step by step.

If your bathroom needs a little bit more than a spring cleaning, turn to the experts at Right Bath by Mosby. Right Bath is a full bathroom remodel service that can typically be performed in one week. All work is code compliant and does not cover up any existing issues. Contact us at 314-909-1820 or click here.