You’ve put in a lot of work on the interior of your home, but don’t underestimate the impact your house’s exterior can have. With the flip of a switch and some strategically placed lights, you can add beauty, drama, and allure to the outside of your home. If exterior custom lighting is done right, it makes all the difference in your home’s architectural features down to the plants you’ve chosen for the exterior of your home. 

Most landscape lighting is low voltage which allows you to achieve a nice subtle glow that washes over the exterior of your home. Low-wattage bulbs that emit fewer lumens or a simple glow help keep a nice ambiance without being too bright. Consider bulb temperatures, as well. A warm bulb will create a more ambient atmosphere.

Consider placing landscape lighting in these areas:

Security & Flood Lights– These types of lights will help you feel safer in your home. They can keep you from bumping into things and scare intruders away.

Trees– Illuminating trees gives great depth to your home and your yard.

Planting Beds– Most lights are installed in the ground, lighting upwards. Many types of landscape lighting like stake, path, or solar lights work well for illuminating planting beds or pathways.

Home Façade– Whether you choose to hang lights or mount them to the siding, choose a style that complements your home. Aim these lights at the corners of your home or the architectural details. Softer lights can fill in the spaces between them.

Focal Points– If you have something you are very proud of, such as a statue or plant, this would be the perfect spot to place a low voltage spotlight.

Garden Walls– Walls can add a lot of dimension to your home, allowing you to showcase them with some soft lighting. Place the lights close enough so they create uniform light on the wall.

Home accents such as columns and different siding textures are great things to consider when choosing your lighting. Illuminating those spaces will add a dramatic touch to your curb appeal. Think about putting your landscape lights on dimmers so that during the holidays you can show off your lights. Making these lights come with motion sensors or timers from dusk to dawn would make it more automated for you.

Whether for ambiance or safety reasons, the right outdoor lighting can illuminate your outdoor surroundings, making it look fabulous at nighttime. Don’t underestimate your curb appeal only during day light hours. Be noticeable in evening hours and become a showcase house for all to see.