There is a move away from spending money on elaborate, showplace bathrooms and, instead, designing bathrooms that better reflect how you actually live. Daily comfort and ease-of-use is a valuable investment.

Here are 5 bathroom trends that reflect this new way of living:

mosby building arts bathroom with no tub - shower only

1. Who Has Time to Soak?

Homeowners are realizing they seldom use the large whirlpool tubs in their master bathrooms. The space these large tubs take up can be put to better use by enlarging the shower or installing an additional vanity.

The Great Debate: Do You Need a Bathtub?

mosby building arts master bathroom shower experience

2. The Ultimate Showering Experience

Showers are doubling in size to include bench seating, multiple shower heads and plenty of grab bars. These showers are just as beautiful as they are large, featuring captivating shower surrounds (like the wood-look porcelain tile shown above), and low- or zero-clearance entry for easy accessibility.

mosby building arts comfort-height vanity in a university city master bathroom remodel

3. Go Easy on Your Back

Vanities have typically been 30” in height, but why continually bend over if you don’t have to? 36” tall back-saver height vanities are gaining popularity because they make good sense. As do comfort-height toilets, because they benefit everyone.

water closet in a mosby building arts master bathroom remodel

4. Let’s Hide the Toilet

Water closets are a way to separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. Quite often, two people use a master bathroom at the same time, so this creates privacy while also keeping the least attractive feature of the bathroom out of sight. In the master bathroom above, the water closet with a pocket door is tucked behind the shower.

mosby building arts master bathroom with a solar tube for natural light

5. Daylight Feels Right

Natural light is proven to increase your well-being while reducing electricity bills. Homeowners are installing skylights to let the light in while assuring privacy. Solar tubes, which can be installed in places where skylights can’t, are the perfect way to illuminate your shower with sunlight, like the master bathroom shown above.

These are bathroom remodeling trends that immediately improve your daily life and have enduring value. St. Louis design-build remodeling firm Mosby Building Arts has a team of designers and planners to help you create a bathroom that reflects how you live. View Mosby’s bathroom portfolio. To get started, call Mosby at 314.909.1800 or contact us here.