One of the quickest ways to spruce up a boring bathroom is to change paint colors. Sometimes though, the act of deciding on a color can be more difficult than doing the actual painting. Here are some tips to help you choose the right color for your bathroom.


Get Paint Samples

A great way to do this is to buy a fan deck from a paint vendor. It will have all of the vendor’s available colors in a easy to use package. This makes going through the different samples a breeze rather than trying to locate them one at a time.

Look Around The House For Inspiration

Maybe you have a certain piece of furniture or decorative piece you love the color of. If you love the style and color on that piece, it may go great in another area of your house like the bathroom. Incorporating similar colors within the home helps tie everything together and will keep things more consistent.


Take A Look In Your Closet

Open up your closet doors and check out the clothes you wear on a consistent basis. More than likely you’ll see reoccurring colors. There was a reason you were attracted to the clothes, so your closet is a great place to start for inspiration.

Try Out Different Colors

Just looking at individual paint samples with no real context may not let you gauge exactly how a paint color is going to look on a wall. Tack up the sample to the wall and turn various lights on and off to help see how it looks in different lighting.  Go back to the paint store and ask for actual samples of paint to try on the walls; you may have to pay a few bucks but getting the real paint on the walls, around tile, and trim will really help determine if the color works with all aspects of the bathroom.

If the color you choose doesn’t work out you can always repaint. It’s much easier and cheaper to repaint then to replace the tub, or redo the flooring. Painting is one of the most cost effective ways to switch up the look of not only your bathroom but any room in your home.

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