The holidays are almost here. For many, this time of year can be hectic, with decorating your home, buying gifts, watching kids on winter break, and of course, hosting holiday guests. If you are entertaining for the holidays, that stress is multiplied. Getting your home ready for friends and family can be a full time job. One particular spot where cleaning is key is your bathroom.  Here are a few helpful tips to get your bathroom looking pristine!

Sweep it up



Your bathroom is one of the highest trafficked rooms in your home, so it’s no wonder it collects in a lot of dirt, dust, and debris. Before your holiday guests arrive be sure to sweep the floor, getting into spots that may not be noticed at first glance like under the vanity, behind the toilet, behind the bathroom door, underneath or around any built it storage spaces. If you have carpet, be sure to thoroughly vacuum.

Wipe it down


counter top wipe down

Next it’s time to wipe down each surface of your bathroom. There’s no right place to start, so go where you feel would be the quickest or easiest place first, or go to the one that takes the most time or is harder to complete so you can get it over with. You’ll want to use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge so as to not scratch any surfaces.  A non-abrasive soap or cleaner is important as well.  For cast iron products, The Kohler Company recommends cleaners like:

• Fantastik®

• Formula 409®

• Tilex®

For acrylic products consider:

• Formula 409 Glass and Surface Cleaner®

• Windex®

• Comet bathroom cleaner®

For your fixtures, mirrors and shower door, try the glass cleaners mentioned above to keep everything looking shiny and vibrant.  Make sure to dry these areas so water deposits don’t build up. Also, be sure to dust off your wood cabinetry with a quality wood cleaner and polisher.


Don’t forget the hidden areas




While you’re on your cleaning crusade, don’t forget to touch areas that sometimes are forgotten like:

• The shower curtain liner, which can become grimy and unattractive to those using the shower. Cleaners with bleach are good to use to get the deepest clean.

• The exhaust fan cover which can gather dust and debris that is often overlooked by those who use the bathroom day in and day out.

• Trash cans, especially those hidden inside bathroom vanities, make sure they are emptied and ready to go.


Add Some Ambiance




Your sense of smell can invoke strong memories.  So, help your guests reminisce about great holiday gatherings with seasonal scents from hand soaps and plug in air fresheners. You may want to avoid candles; bathrooms are often unoccupied throughout the day and candles can be a fire hazard. Instead opt for an LED scented candle to give the effect of a candle without the safety hazard.


If your bathroom needs more work than a thorough cleaning, the experts at Right Bath can transform it in just one week. We specialize in down to the studs remodeling, all work is code compliant and comes with a 10 year workmanship warranty. To schedule a free consultation, give us a call at 314-909-1820, or contact us here.