Remodeling your kitchen can be a lot of work, but it is certainly rewarding. A kitchen remodel gives you the creative freedom to design the kitchen you’ve always dreamed about. With this clean slate, St. Louis homeowners are starting to get creative with their new kitchens. 2023 is in full swing, and the hottest kitchen trends have been revealed. Here are five of the top kitchen remodeling trends of this year! 

Kitchen Extensions

More is more in 2023. Extending the kitchen is at the top of many wish lists of St. Louis homeowners. 

There are three primary types of kitchen extensions:

  • Rear Extension – Opens into the backyard or garden terrace
  • Side-Return Extension – Common in Victorian houses, extends into dead space alleyways
  • Wrap-Around Extension – Combines rear and side-return to make an L-shaped extension on two sides

Rear extensions are most common as the backyard or garden has the most real estate, making it easier to expand out. Many homeowners are adding sliding, bifold doors to create experiences that can either be inclusive or exclusive. Side-return extensions are ideal for those who only need a little more kitchen space. They could be more cost-effective than rear extensions but may start to encroach on your neighbor’s space.

Wrap-around extensions are excellent for people who want more space that can be divided into separate areas. With a wrap-around extension, you can have room for a prep kitchen, extra refrigerator, or another island. 

All of these options will add width and value to your home. However, many of these projects will require permits. Make sure you work with a licensed contractor in St. Louis for your kitchen remodel to ensure everything is done within code. 

Expansive Windows

Remember – more is more in 2023! Homeowners want more natural light, and expansive windows are the gateway to making those kitchen dreams come true. Huge window walls are becoming a growing trend in St. Louis home remodels, especially for those who are extending their kitchens. 

Some homeowners are opting for window doors that slide open, while others are going for a contrasted look with pocket walls.

No matter which style they choose, one type of window seems to be in season for everyone. There’s been a growing interest in low emissivity windows. These windows are considered more sustainable, as they are treated with a coating that makes the entire house more energy efficient. 

Concealed Storage and Appliances

If you can’t create more space, you can create the illusion there is more. Achieve these optics with one of the most unique kitchen upgrades of 2023 — concealed storage and appliances. 

Boxy appliances like dishwashers and fridges are being tucked away in drawers and walls. These alterations open up the walking area within the kitchen, making it easier for more than one person to navigate the space. Homeowners aren’t just looking to hide appliances. They’re looking for organization. 

Decluttering is becoming a top kitchen trend in 2023. For instance, spice racks are being hanged above ranges, and cutting board panels are being installed into pull-out panels. 

Double Islands

We mentioned it earlier, but double islands are in. After all, double the islands, double the fun. A double island is an excellent way to organize your kitchen workflow, especially if your house is playing host. One island can be used for prepping while the other can serve as a hangout spot for guests. Also, two prepping stations are better than one, especially around the holidays!

With that said, many homeowners are installing their range within one of the islands. For one, this frees up space. It also makes the kitchen more functional, as the second island can keep prepped foods and needed ingredients close, but not in the way. 

Secondary Spaces

For one last time, more is more in 2023. Secondary spaces are giving homeowners more room to enjoy their kitchen. Prep kitchens, cocktail bars, and walk-in pantries have especially grown in popularity. 

These secondary spaces are the ultimate opportunity to give your house a personalized upgrade. Take a moment to assess how a secondary space can benefit you best. 

Whatever you decide for your kitchen remodel, make sure you work with a licensed professional in the St. Louis area like Mosby Building Arts. Kitchen remodels can add value to your home, but a poor job can have the opposite effect. Work with Mosby Building Arts to upgrade your kitchen with some of these top trends of 2023.