Trendy Yet Timeless: Natural Elements in Exterior Design

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Kurt Doll

Look around your neighborhood and you just might see Exteriors By Mosby consultant Kurt Doll up on a roof or inspecting siding. He loves finding exterior remodeling solutions that improve the look of a home while increasing its value. Kurt shares some exterior design ideas that have enduring value and curb appeal.

Because the exterior of your home is always on display, we want your project to strike a balance between what is popular today, what was popular in the past, and what will aesthetically resonate for years to come.  When planning an update to a home’s exterior, consider incorporating natural materials and elements to achieve contemporary yet timeless design.

What I mean by natural materials is wood, stone or brick siding. Using these materials – or their lookalikes – will add a feeling of permanence and serenity to a home. Here are some examples of natural exterior touches that elevate the look of a home:

mosby wood beams

Wood beams, hefty or rough cut, provide a rustic look reminiscent of classic European lodges. In our high tech times, this Old World feel references the calm of nature.

mosby cedar shake shingles

Cedar has been used as siding for centuries because of its durability. Today, we can choose from the natural wood species or a synthetic counterpart that conveys the same look. Above is a great example of cedar shake siding used as a texture accent in gables.

mosby cedar plank siding

Or there’s cedar plank siding, which is widely used in contemporary home construction, like this project above (see more photos here), and as a staple of American Craftsman architecture, pioneered over 100 years ago.

mosby stone veneer

Another timeless, natural material to include in an exterior update is stone.  In our project above, a stone veneer is used around the base of the home which gives the feeling of the home being anchored to the earth. Learn more about this exterior makeover.

mosby stone column base

Stone can also be used over entire walls, around entry doors, on column bases or other accents around a home’s exterior, like the example above. This was an impressive exterior renovation – see more photos here.

Stone veneer generally falls into two categories: real and manufactured.  Manufactured stone is usually cheaper, lighter, installs easier and doesn’t require a footing or steel lintels.  Real stone has the advantage of appearing more authentic.  This is especially the case when pieces of veneer are cut.  The interior of manufactured stone often doesn’t match its cultured exterior and can appear unauthentic.  However, this can be combatted with a thoughtful layout which minimizes the visibility of cuts.

Great exterior design uses natural elements in a way that complements the rest of the home.  When planned and installed well, these earth-based elements will give your home the timeless look of having always been there and will continue to be there for years to come.

If you’d like to explore trendy yet timeless natural elements for your exterior makeover, I’m here to help. Take a closer look at some of our exterior remodeling projects in this gallery. And to get started, give me a call at the Exteriors By Mosby office (314.909.8383) or contact me here.