As we get older our bodies tend to not have the same stability and reflex as they once had. This can affect your day to day life and even simple tasks like showering have now become a possible danger. Bathrooms are high risk areas for slips and fall and it’s an unfortunate reality that a lot of homeowners have accidents in bathrooms that lead to injuries. However, you can make your bathroom safer by incorporating accessible features in them.

While making bathrooms safer and more accessible, homeowners typically don’t want to sacrifice style.  We’ll take you through some great options that accomplish both style and accessibility.

Grab Bars


Grab bars don’t necessarily ooze style but there are options out there that incorporates design with functionality. Take the Invisia collection for example.

This Invisia Collection grab bar not only acts as a stabilizer for one’s balance but as a functional toilet paper roll holder.

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This design is also carried over in a sleek grab bar/towel holder combo and grab bar/soap dish combo (see above).

These bathroom accessories are a great compromise that serves multiple purposes in one product and is a trend that will most certainly evolve and become even better.

Comfort Height Toilets

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Comfort height toilets are toilets that sit higher up so the average person’s seated position is at a 90 degree angle making it easier to go from sitting to standing.  An added perk is that this change in height isn’t really visible and shouldn’t affect the overall design of the bathroom.

Low Profile Showers


More and more homeowners are ditching their tubs for walk in showers. It’s a hot design trend but also is done to make the bathroom more accessible with the ease of walking in and out the shower versus stepping in and out of tub. The curb of the shower can be tailored to the homeowners liking.

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom to become more accessible, choose the experts at Right Bath by Mosby. We specialize in small bathrooms remodels completed in one week.  All work is code compliant and will not cover up any existing issues. To schedule a free consultation, call 314-909-1820 or click here.