When planning a bathroom remodel one thing to consider is if the electrical components of the bathroom need to be updated. Most full bathroom remodeling projects require a building permit in St. Louis County. This building permit triggers plumbing and electrical permits. Depending on the age of your electrical systems, updates may be few or many.

20 AMP Circuite

First, according to St. Louis County Code, a 20 amp dedicated circuit needs to be installed. This means your electrical panel needs to have space for an additional circuit. Older homes often have 100 amp panels. Here at Right Bath we recommend you expand to a 200 amp panel which can be accomplished by adding a sub panel. Your electrical panel must have a main shut off.



A lot of older homes have Federal Pacific electrical panels which Right Bath recommends you replace because they have been shown to be potential fire hazards. The new panel to be installed needs to be listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). UL is a safety testing laboratory approved by the United States Office of Safety and Health and Safety Administration.

Electrical mast

If your electrical lines are above ground, the electrical mast must be a certain angle and height from the ground and roof line depending on municipality. Some municipalities require above ground lines to be moved underground.

If you thinking of remodeling your bathroom; turn to the experts at Right Bath by Mosby. Right Bath always pulls the necessary permits and follows the current building codes to make sure your home is safe.  To schedule a free consultation, call our office at 314-909-1820 or go online here.