It’s easy to take a front door for granted. Some households barely even use them! Now would be a good time for you to take a detached, critical view of your front door, and determine if the time has come to replace it. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Curb Appeal

A new door is a cost-effective way to refresh the look of your home without a major remodel. It can be as simple as changing out the old door for a new one in a contemporary color. Or you can expand on the idea with a whole new front entry, which could include a door with sidelights, adding a cover where none existed before, or enlarging the front porch to create a new focus point for the front of your home. 

2. Security

In a recent poll of convicted burglars serving jail time, one of the questions was “What was your ideal target for a burglary?”

A common answer was cheap wooden doors. Why? Because they are easy to kick in, and they also revealed they preferred to kick in a door because a loud bang is better than the sound of broken glass.

New steel and fiberglass doors are an extra layer of protection because they are difficult to kick in, are more tamper-proof. And a new door is a good time for a new lock system (see #3).

If security is a serious concern for your home, please consider replacing all exterior doors that may be a prime target for criminals.

3. Technology

New technology can make fumbling for your keys to unlock the door an annoyance of the past. There’s a wide array of new lock systems that work with a code on a push pad to entire systems operated remotely with a smartphone.  Check out this quick overview of advanced lock technology.

Some of the new locks require replacing the entire lock system, so this would be a great time to consider installing brand new, sturdier door to match your upgraded security (see #2).  Do it all at one time for a completely new look and ease of use.

4. Energy Efficiency

Older doors – especially wood versions – and their framing wear out over the decades. If you feel a draft around your door, that’s outside air coming in, which also means your conditioned air is escaping. That’s a comfort and energy bill issue that can easily be corrected with a new door and framing.

Also, an old door and frame may have accumulated weather and water damage. So be sure to check the threshold for any moisture or mold damage and take the opportunity to correct water issues before replacing the threshold.

5. Accessibility

From baby strollers to walkers to wheelchairs, a front door that’s easy to access is a major lifestyle improvement. Changes that benefit everyone include switching to a wider door with a zero-clearance threshold; lever-style door handle that can be opened with an elbow; trading out steps for ramps.

The home shown above did all of those things (plus, adding a portico) to create an accessible entry. Not only did these changes make life easier for all who came to the front door, but it vastly elevated their curb appeal (see #1).

For St. Louis homeowners ready for a new front door, look to Exteriors By Mosby. They are a full-service team that can handle all your needs, from a simple door replacement to a whole new front entry design. See a gallery of improvements by Exteriors By Mosby. Call the Exteriors office at 314.909.8383 or contact them here.