At Right Bath by Mosby we specialize in high quality bathroom remodels that won’t cover up any existing issues. The best part is most remodels can be done within a week.

Let’s take a look at a Right Bath by Mosby bathroom remodel from start to finish:

right bath 01-min

Here’s the bathroom before remodeling begins. The small tile, outdated vanity and water damage will be a thing of the past once the bathroom is completed.

right bath 02-min

The first day starts with the demo of the bathroom including the shower area. The whole bathroom will be taken down to the studs. Any issues with water damage or rot will be corrected.

right bath 03

Day number two involves re-framing the bathroom and hanging dry wall.

right bath 04-min

As day three rolls along and the drywall is finished, the floor tile goes in.

right bath 05-min

Hooking up electrical, installing fixtures, and painting are the last steps on day four and five.

right bath 06-min

And here’s the finished product. In just a few days this full remodel breathes new life into the bathroom.

Learn first-hand how to remodel a small bathroom the Mosby way.