If your home needs some TLC, but you’re not ready for a full-on remodel, not to worry! There are plenty of updates you can make that will improve both the style and the functionality of your home. Below, we unveil some easy updates that can make a big impact on improving the look and feel of your space.

 Update Appliances

A kitchen with outdated appliances can make your entire kitchen just that…outdated! Simply buying new appliances can completely change how good you feel when you use them. If you entertain a lot or have a large family, then splurge on a nice dishwasher. A new, more modern range or oven can bring your kitchen into the present day. There are plenty of styles and performance options out there from which to choose.

 Faucets and Sinks

In both the kitchen and bathroom, new faucets and sinks are an affordable update that take very minimal time to install. Updating these fixtures can change the entire look of your bathroom or kitchen, while also changing the performance of the space.

 Revamp your Cabinets

Whether it be in a bathroom or kitchen, cabinetry can make up a large portion of the décor for that room, so changing that one element can make a big difference with aesthetics. Don’t want to completely replace your cabinets? Painting them or changing out the hardware can create a new, stylish look with minimal disturbance.

Although, if you’re looking to replace your cabinets, you can consider installing cabinets with roll-out drawers for storage space, or even some with glass panes to showcase some unique dishes or art. The options are endless!

 Overhaul Lighting

well-lit area can bring out specific design elements, and should also serve a functional purpose. If you don’t have a lot of space to spare, recessed lights are an effective solution. They’re subtle and don’t take up much space, but can provide both general lighting, as well as workspace task lighting. Under-cabinet lighting can also make for great task lighting, banishing any countertop shadows. And don’t forget the dimmers!

Hanging pendant lights or a chandelier can make a strong statement. For example, placing this type of lighting over a kitchen island can help create a welcoming focal point. If you decide to upgrade the lighting in your kitchen, consider making the switch to the LED model which is far more efficient. LEDs have the potential to use up to 75% less energy and last 25-times longer than traditional lighting.

Replace Kitchen Surfaces

Updating surfaces such as the backsplash behind your stove and countertops, or replacing the countertops themselves, can refresh your entire kitchen. A backsplash with a unique design can create a strong focal point that draws you in. The same idea applies to your countertops. When choosing your material consider the things that mean the most to you. Do you want heat resistance or ease of cleaning? Consider what’s most important to you and choose a surface that will work best for your needs. And don’t be afraid to play around with different textures and patterns!

Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint either inside or outside can really brighten up any space. You can choose a bold or subtle color. Plus, it’s easy to change again in a few years, if needed. Newly painted walls can add a big burst of personality to your room for a relatively small price.

Are you ready to begin a bathroom, kitchen or home remodel? At Mosby, we’ve been remodeling homes for more than 70 years. We do everything from swapping out a faucet to full home additions. Contact us today if you’ve got some fresh home ideas!