How Contractors Can Keep Your Home Clean During A Remodel

by | Right Bath by Mosby

Remodeling can be a dusty and dirty process. Unfortunately, it’s just a part of the undertaking. When it comes to deciding to remodel and choosing a contractor, make sure you pick one that will respect the cleanliness and organization of your home.

Here at Right Bath by Mosby there are certain ways our production crew helps mitigate the dust and disturbance:

Hang Up Plastic Walls

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Often times our crew puts up plastic walls to keep the dust in the project area only.

Lay Cardboard On The Floors


Cardboard is put down to protect the floors from tools, fixtures or other items that may inadvertently fall onto the ground.

Cover Vents

Covering the intake and exhaust HVAC vents helps prevent the any dust or dirt from circulating in the house and getting into other areas of the home not being worked on.

Put On Shoe Covers

Shoe covers are sometimes necessary when hauling in equipment and products from the outside to the inside of the home to stop unwanted dirt from being tracked into the client’s house.

Watch Out For Pets

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For most of us, our pets are part of your family. A remodel can be a disturbance in your pet’s usual day to day habits. Respecting pets and their needs is something we pride ourselves on.  We’ll feed them, let them out to go to the bathroom, and keep them out of harm’s way. Choose a contractor that will make sure your pets are a priority and wont’ be lost in the construction around them.

Lead Safe Work Practices

In 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required remodeling and construction contractors to be certified in order to remove lead-based paint from homes built prior to 1978. The contractors need to discuss lead safe practices with the homeowners before works starts. Be certain to choose an EPA certified contractor. You can read more about lead safe practices here.

Clean Up Each Day


A professional contractor will clean up after themselves after each work day ensuring you don’t come home from work to a disorganized and dirty space. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a remodeling project and have to clean up after the crew that you’ve paid to keep things tidy.

Right Bath by Mosby is a one week bathroom remodeling company dedicated to respecting your home in all facets during the remodeling process. We are an EPA certified contractor that will make sure you and your family is safe during remodeling. To schedule a consultation with us call 314-909-1820 or click here.