How to Brighten Your Basement

If you are considering finishing your basement or a basement remodel, you should first think about how you’d like the space to look and feel overall. While many homeowners choose to create a cave-like basement for movie viewing or entertaining, we are seeing a trend in lower-level type basement design that complements the main levels of the home. In order to achieve this look, our experienced team of designers is tasked with making the lower level space brighter and feel less basement-like. Here are some designer tips for brightening your basement so it feels like more of an extension of your home.

Paint the Walls or the Ceiling White

Choosing a light or white color for the walls will instantly brighten your basement, giving a more open and airy look to the space. Picking white paint can be tricky. Our designers can help you choose the right shade to complement the type of lighting and flooring in the room. If you have a dry-wall ceiling, you can paint the ceiling at least one shade lighter than the wall color to help brighten from above. If you have a drop ceiling, replacing old panels with a whiter shade can help brighten the whole basement.

Choose Flooring Wisely

Light wood basement floors will make the space look brighter and warmer. If you are looking to add color choose area rugs with a white or light background, so they still give off a brighter, more spacious look. You can also do tile or carpet in your basement, and we suggest lighter options with those as well to open up the room. If you would like to discuss basement flooring options with one of our designers, please drop us a line.

Light the Way to a Brighter Space

Lighting is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when trying to achieve a brighter space without much help from windows. Ambient lighting is a term designers use to create an overall ambiance in a space. Ambient lighting can highlight areas like bookcases and contribute to lighting the overall room from above while recessed and track lighting can illuminate a particularly dark area. Our award-winning designers are happy to discuss basement lighting options with you; we have many solutions you may not even be aware of.

The Mosby Building Arts team is here to help you create an inviting and comfortable basement so your family can make the most of your time together. Learn more about Mosby Building Arts and our talented team at