Jake Spurgeon

 Jake Spurgeon
Mosby Building Arts Designer

Designers are problem solvers. Kitchens that seem too small to meet your needs are a design challenge that Jake Spurgeon loves to tackle. Here he shares some tips on how to make a small kitchen functional and beautiful.

Kitchens are the workhorse of the home. We craft and consume meals, gather and entertain, and use them as a command center. But what if your space is the size of a small bedroom? That’s when you need to get creative with functionality, storage, and design.

There are several layout and design choices that can make a small kitchen feel more spacious and increase its functionality. Here are a few ideas that can help you achieve that:

01 small kitchen overhanging counter

Work Surfaces

When choosing the new the layout for your space, ensure that work surfaces can serve several functions. An island cabinet with an overhanging countertop is a multi-functional way to add an eating, cooking, and prep area to a small space. Choosing small, backless island stools (like the ones in the photo above) create a more open feel. Also consider looking for pieces that blend in with the island color so the room feels more unified.


02 small kitchen remove wall

Opening Walls

Removing walls is one of the best ways to help create an open concept without adding square footage. It also allows for easier entertaining and promotes social interaction between rooms. But before you take a hammer to a wall, learn more about identifying load-bearing walls.

03 small kitchen table island

Built-in Table

If a dining height table is desired, try building the table into the island. Having the table top attached to the island, as shown above, allows for both items to be present in a small space, and provides another work space to sit down at. Bench seating can pack more people into the space and – in a pinch – becomes another work surface.

04 small kitchen furniture pantry

Re-think the Pantry

Wide and shallow pantry areas can be challenging to organize. Adding roll out trays or designing counter space into the area can provide much needed work surface for those frequently used appliances. No need to haul them back into a closet or cabinet when you’re done with them – just close the door and everything is hidden. This is also an opportunity to re-purpose a hutch or other furniture piece, which adds another dimension to a small kitchen.

05 small kitchen coffee bar

Budget Friendly

If you need more counter space and storage but the budget does not allow for additional cabinets and granite, consider commercial shelving. It’s easily available at home improvement and organizer stores, and easily customizable to your space needs. This multi-purpose shelving adds a touch of industrial style, maximum storage, and a place for the almighty cup of joe. The rustic wood or butcher block top also gives you another serving and work area.

A small kitchen does not mean you have to sacrifice your dreams of having a stylish, beautiful, and hardworking kitchen. It only means that you have to be a little more creative with the square footage, and think outside the box to achieve that fantastic functional space. For help in maximizing your limited space, contact one of our creative Mosby designers at 314-909-1800, or contact us here.