Back-to-school time means it is time to turn our attention to the kids. Parents usually claim many areas of the home for their office work and personal projects. But don’t forget, kids also need a space to call their own. Whether it’s for homework, or simply to engage in activities they enjoy, kid spaces can be fun to design and beneficial to the entire family. It gives them the freedom to play and create, and you the storage and organization you desire to keep your house in order.

If you have the space, consider a playroom just for toys or an art room where kids can let their imagination run wild without ruining the main part of the house. This family created an entire lower level catered to children. The space includes child-sized tables and chairs, chalkboard, supplies and plenty of storage. A clean-up area is an added bonus for messy art projects. The dedicated game room, not surprisingly, is a fan-favorite. See the entire photo gallery here.

If space is limited, think about converting a spot in your basement or living room into homework central. Kids don’t need a lot of room to work, as long the area remains uncluttered and has a clean, flat surface to write on. And of course, peace and quiet is important for ultimate concentration. For the bookworms in your family, look into built-in shelving and a cozy chair nearby. Bookcases are not only a great place to house books, but they can display sports trophies and artwork.

In the kitchen, try creating a dedicated “kids cook” area with their own appropriately sized kitchenware and safe dishes to play with. For older kids, an open concept kitchen with a large island in the middle gives the elbow room needed to prep and cook together.    

Remember, keep your children’s wants and needs in mind when designing your family home. Because a kid-friendly home is a happy home! For all your home remodeling projects (kid-related or not), contact Mosby Building Arts at 314.909.1800 or reach us here.