When someone has a challenge, we love to provide a solution. That’s why we designed and built a remote desk for KMOV.

Scott Mosby, the owner and president of St. Louis remodeling firm Mosby Building Arts, is scheduled to be a commentator for the 2016 Thanksgiving Day Parade on KMOV. While discussing live broadcast details, it was revealed that KMOV is not thrilled with the table they currently use for their hosts to sit at for remote broadcasts.

This became a light bulb moment: What if we designed and built you a new remote desk that was easier to transport and assemble, and looked better on camera?
KMOV said sure! And have it ready for the Thanksgiving parade broadcast.

The process started with a design (shown above) by our designer and inside salesman Geoff Anderson.


Those plans were handed over to our Tradeswork recruits Daniel Carpenter (above left) and Manuel Perez (above right). Taking a construction project from conception to completion is a perfect training and educational opportunity for our young carpenters-in-training, and they rose to the challenge. They even got a crash course in media training, demonstrating their project for the KMOV cameras!


For the desk, Manuel and Daniel built the internal frames, then applied an Azek surface, which is a paintable material.


And here’s where the TV magic begins. Mosby Painting Supervisor Oleg Podgorny applied a wood grain faux finish to the desk top and base. The PVC pipes being used for the legs were spray painted a metallic silver.

Set design is a fine art, all about the optical illusion. The camera “sees” things differently than human eyes, and this desk will appear as an expensive piece of fine furniture on camera. Participating in this illusion has many of us wondering if we can moonlight in set design for local theater companies…?


As part of the agreement with KMOV, we are branding the table, which leads to another phase of the construction. Above, David Cluff – who moonlights as a graphic artist for the Mosby marketing team – designed the branding that runs across the front of the table top, and enjoyed the experience of applying the vinyl graphics to the panel.
Watch a video of the application process.


Here is the KMOV remote desk about 85% complete. There’s still some last minute items to add before  KMOV picks it up.

To see the reveal of this desk in all its glory, tune into the Ameren Thanksgiving Day Parade at 8 am on KMOV on November 24, 2016 (that’s Thanksgiving Day!). Scott Mosby will be one of your hosts, and look for the Mosby Building Arts duck chuckers in the parade itself!



The remote desk was revealed on Thursday morning, November 24, 2016 (a.k.a. Thanksgiving!), by Scott Mosby and KMOV’s Matt Chambers.