Tub and shower liners are an economical surface solution to rebuilding a tub or shower but cover up underlying surfaces by design. We believe in getting things right the first time and not covering up problems like mold, moisture and rot that potentially ruins showers, bathrooms, house structure and ultimately, your health. This system is sold on being fast and cheap, and I totally agree that it is just that. This is why I advise really correcting the underlying problems and not just covering them up. Liner systems are heavily dependent on effectively sealing the new liner panels during and after installation to prevent water and moisture from seeping in between the existing tub and new liner. Any moisture penetrating between the liner and tub base results in mold and mildew that cannot be removed without dismantling the liner overlays. Liners do not correct faucet and fixture plumbing problems but only apply a new skin to extend the life of the surfaces of the tub or shower. Liners have a shorter life-span than a complete bath remodel and tend to cover up more serious problems.