We recently sat down with the leader of the Mosby Building Arts Planning and Design team, Jack Culian. He detailed the difference of design-build vs. remodeling projects, and revealed a new design innovation coming to Mosby in 2017.

Here are Jack’s answers to 4 questions:

In general, what is the difference between design build vs. remodeling?

A main differentiator between remodeling and design build is how much of the space is being re-constructed from its original design, and is an architect involved?  Are we simply pulling and replacing elements of the space – which is remodeling – or are we moving things around and changing everything that existed before? Design-build projects generally involve major renovations to the client’s home that include designing concepts from certified designers and architects, drafting construction plans, moving or installing plumbing, electric, and HVAC, and the selection of numerous materials.  These are the factors that help us decipher between remodeling and design-build.

Specifically, how does the Mosby design-build process differ from other remodeling companies?

The 3-Step design-build process at Mosby stands apart from other firms for a few reasons.  First; because it is a process that is managed over 3 distinct steps: concept design, selections and final design, and construction.  Second; our level of detail and pace at each of the different phases provides the client with confidence that the job stays on schedule, and that what we build will be exactly what they will love for years to come.

What aspects of your design team are you most proud of?

The team excels at creativity.  They are a well-rounded group of designers, drafters and field experts who willingly lend their knowledge and ideas to ensure that the outcome of each job exceeds their client’s expectations.  They understand how to create inspirational and functional designs within a given budget.


A 3D rendering of a theater room in South St. Louis County basement remodel by Mosby Building Arts architect Brian Yount.

For you and your team, what are you most excited about for 2017?

2017 brings a lot of promise and potential!  In addition to our 3D project renderings, we’re experimenting with 3D optic headsets that let a client take a 360-degree view of the space. We’re also testing a new app that lets you move about the 3D drawings like you are actually walking around in the home. It’s phenomenal technology.

There are also many new products and innovations coming into the market that will not only improve the look and feel of your home, but will improve people’s quality of living.  Each year more people are finding reasons and ways to stay in their homes longer, so it provides the Mosby Planning and Design Team the opportunity to push our creativity and knowledge to greater heights. We look forward to creating more perfect spaces for St. Louis homeowners.

Learn more about Jack Culian and his design team. For all of your St. Louis remodeling, design and architecture needs call the Mosby Building Arts office at 314.909.1800 or contact us here.