Putting a sliding door back on track can be easy – or difficult. The process involves tilting the doors toward you at an angle and lifting the door back onto the track above. The floor keeper on the bottom (usually center) of the door needs to be removed to allow the door panels to swing into the room at a 15 – 30 degree angle in order for the rollers to re-engage the track above.

Remove the floor guide keeper, grab both sides of the door at the same time, angle the door toward your ankles into the room, and carefully lift the door top up to hook onto the track grooves above one side at a time. The track grooves are open to the rear which is why you must angle the flat door panel into the room for the rollers to hook into the track grooves. Once hung back onto the track above, the floor keeper must be re-installed or replaced to keep the door panels vertical.

Sliding door hardware usually has a functional life of about 20 years and then needs replacement, depending on amount of daily use. If the sliding door has a bottom track, then just lift the door onto the track on the floor and align the bottom rollers into the floor groove. The top of the door must be in the track above while lifting the door back onto the floor track.

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