The most-used room in your home needs some form of remodeling on a fairly regular basis. It is also the room where a few minor changes can make a major impact.

For 2015, Mosby Building Arts designers Laura Powderly, Jill Worobec and Jillian Brinkman share their bathroom remodeling forecast based on their project research and conversations with St. Louis homeowners.

mosby coastal bathroom

1. Back to Nature
Sometimes you just need a break from the non-stop technology all around, and the opposite of that is Mother Nature. “I’ve noticed that the more technologically sophisticated a client is, the more they gravitate toward a nature-inspired master bath,” says Jillian Brinkman.  “It feels like a way to rejuvenate in a simple, serene surrounding.” A Creve Coeur family went with a coastal theme for their bathroom, shown above, while Benjamin Moore has picked a pale green as their color for 2015. Be it beaches or forest, the outdoors can help you slow down and relax, so bring it into your bathroom.

mosby tub caddy

2. Bathtub Hangout
A nice long soak in a tub is even better when you can read a book, browse your iPad or enjoy a glass of wine.  “Our clients are looking for ways to keep their things dry while catching up on lost time,” says Laura Powderly, “so tub caddies (like the one shown above) that coordinate with the rest of their bathroom are becoming very popular.”

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mosby brass fixtures

3. Dramatic Fixture Finishes
The jewelry of your bathroom is the accessories like faucets, drawer pulls and towel bars. Many want the equivalent of a dazzling night out by choosing dramatic fixture finishes like matte black, modern brass (shown above) or a mixture of two metal finishes on one fixture.  Jill Worobec shares the thought process of a recently completed Ladue master bath: “In a bathroom of white and black marble, standard finish fixtures felt underwhelming. When we tried brass, we were entranced by how dynamic the contrast was. It was the kind of glamour this bathroom wanted.”

mosby replicated hotel shower

4. Pick a Mood or Theme
Rather than pick a style, more St. Louis homeowners decide what kind of experience they want in their master bathroom and choose materials and fixtures to match the mood or theme they desire.  “A client who travels frequently for business asked me to recreate his favorite shower at a 5-star Manhattan hotel,” says Jillian. “We replicated the hotel walk-in shower’s size and placement of multiple shower heads (shown above), and using it puts him in the pleasurable mind-set of the kind of hotel luxury he enjoys.”  Your bathroom is a safe retreat, so let it reflect your personality.

multifunctional bathtub

5. Use Less Water
Now that low-flow toilets are becoming a standard, we’re exploring other plumbing features that conserve water without compromising comfort or hygiene. There are toilets that reuse shower water, and sinks that help fill the toilet. Noting the increasing popularity of stand-alone bathtubs, Laura says, “I’m feeling confident that one of our greener clients who also enjoys new technology will want to try out this water-saving, multi-position bathtub (shown above). “

geometric bathroom patterns

6. It’s Geometry
From wallpapers that recall vintage Spirograph patterns (above) to vanities stacked like Legos, geometric shapes are catching the fancy of St. Louisans. It can be as simple as a chevron pattern in a set of new towels, or as elaborate as octagonal tiles in the shower, but either way, introduce a little geometry in your powder room to make mathematics fun!

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kohler touchless toilet

7. Don’t Touch It

We’re now used to automatic sinks and flushing in public restrooms, which helps touchless technology move into the home. “We have already used touchless Kohler toilets (shown above) in a few recent bathroom remodels,” said Jill, who is also a Universal Design Certified Professional. “I like that they’re easy to use no matter your age or capabilities, and touchless also cuts down on germs.”  Kohler also makes kits that can convert your existing toilet to touchless.

Which of these bathroom remodeling trends would you like to try in your bathroom? For bathroom design help call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.