A recent Houzz survey reveals that homeowners are more likely to remodel their existing home over buying a different home, and that 66% surveyed plan to stay in their home long-term which is why they are willing to invest in tailoring the home they have.

In Metro St. Louis, the designers and home consultants of Mosby Building Arts find these statistics accurate, based on the projects they’ve completed in the second half of 2014, and the projects they are currently working on for 2015. Here are Mosby designers’ predictions for St. Louis remodeling trends in 2015:

mosby heated driveway

1. Heat It Up
After the harsh winter of 2013-2014 – and with this winter predicted to be the same – Mosby has seen an increase in requests for heated driveways. Homeowners are interested in ways to cut down on the taxing work of shoveling, and heating a driveway can eliminate – or drastically reduce – the task.

Heated floors inside the house are another strong trend. Adding a heated floor to a bathroom remodel is quickly becoming a standard feature because even in the middle of summer, bare wet feet prefer a warm floor. If new flooring is on your home improvement agenda, it is relatively easy to add heating coils during the installation.

mosby front porch ramp

2. Fashion Meets Function
St. Louis has a large Baby Boomer population who want to stay in their homes as they age. Incorporating universal design into remodeling projects makes this possible, and it can be done in a fashion forward, highly decorative way. Accessible features that hide in plain sight include wider doorways, laundry rooms and master suites moved to the first floor and ramps artfully designed into front porches (shown above). The added benefit of these types of accessible projects is that they benefit everyone in the family, which has become increasingly important when you see trend number 3!

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3. Keeping It All in the Family
America is returning to a more traditional way of living with multiple generations in one household. From economic stresses bringing adult children back to live with their parents to elderly parents moving in with their children, it is now common to have 3 generations living in your home.

Multi-generational living has special remodeling needs like soundproofing rooms, to creating separate entrances, or room additions for separate quarters (see an example of a mother in-law apartment). With both Certified Aging In-Place and Universal Design Certified Professionals on staff, Mosby is helping  families to co-exist peacefully and productively in their homes.


4. Geared Towards Gadgets
We can’t live without our smart phones, tablets and laptops! And St. Louisans are making sure their gadgets are always powered by installing multiple charging stations and USB outlets in their homes.  Be sure to have a shelf or niche for the USB wall outlet so there’s no dangling while charging! And now that we rely on the gadgets, we’re setting up more home automation systems so we can control every aspect of our house through them.

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5. Exposed and Salvaged
Mosby designers are using more salvaged and re-purposed materials in St. Louis remodeling projects. From installing old piping as shelves to turning historic windows into room dividers, re-using what already exists is not only a new spin on green but adds charm and uniqueness to your home.

Exposing old brick walls or wood beams and metal brackets in ceilings is another trend gaining popularity. Also sometimes known as Industrial Chic, it’s an appreciation of the organic honesty of structural components, and a chance to revel in an unexpected design detail.

mosby hardwood floors

6. Wood Underfoot
The classic hardwood floor is making a strong comeback in Metro St. Louis.  Be it authentic, engineered or re-purposed planks, we’re upgrading builder-grade floors in newer homes, or refinishing the original floors in older homes. We’re also adding wood where it typically isn’t, such as the kitchen (shown above) or bedrooms. One reason for the return of hardwood: accessorizing with rugs is a fast and comfortable way to change the look of your home.

mosby storage solutions

7. Less Is More
It’s no longer about amassing more square footage but wisely using the space you already have. An increasing number of homeowners are asking Mosby designers to come up with ways to store and organize within the existing footprint of their house. From carving out a storage closest under a stairwell, to pull-out spice racks and cookware storage in kitchen cabinets, to built-in bench seating in foyers and family rooms, we want clever and beautiful solutions for doing more with less.

How many of these 2015 remodeling trends would you like in your home? For help with all your remodeling needs, work with Mosby Building Arts’ designers and builders. To get started, call the Mosby office at 314.909.1800 or contact them here.