Installing new doors to your St. Louis house can help brighten up your entryway. It could also increase the curb appeal for potential buyers. Whether you’re in the market for new front doors, back doors, or bedroom doors, don’t let just any handyman do it for you. Improper installation can negatively impact energy costs, aesthetics, security, and more. Here are five reasons why you should get a licensed contractor in St. Louis to install your doors.

1. Get Your Money’s Worth

A door is only as useful as how it is installed. Installing a new door may look like an easy job. However, there’s a lot more to this job than meets the eye. It requires a person with the knowledge of how to properly measure a door to fit a frame, ensure the hinges are facing the proper direction, lock properly, and more. 

Also, owning a home means constant upkeep. Eventually, other (or all) doors may need replacing soon. It might be cheaper to do more at once. If it isn’t worth it, a trusted contractor will let you know.

In addition, doors are typically bundled with windows. You might get an even better deal by talking with a professional about your options. 

2. Save on Energy Costs

Proper door installation is crucial for saving on heating and cooling costs. If a door is too small for the frame, then hot and cold air can come in and out of the house. Some doors require weatherstripping at the bottom. This must be tailored to the door for adequate weather support. As a result, it could require taking the door on and off the hinges multiple times to get it right. 

3. It Looks Better

Not only is a door too short or slanted in the doorway not energy-efficient, but it’s also not appealing to the eye. Living with crooked doors or doors that drag across the floor can make a minor inconvenience start to feel like a much larger one. 

If you want a job done right, go with a licensed professional. They can do the job quickly and, more importantly, accurately. Your doors will open and protect your home from the weather flawlessly.

4. Better Security

Doors are the number one way that people enter your home, whether they’re invited or not. Proper door installation is the first (and most practical) step in preventing invaders from entering your home.

Any loose fits at the top, bottom, or sides of the door leave it prone to prying open. Also, locks not installed properly can be popped up much easier by criminals. 

Many doors have become smarter, including camera and code-entry technology. These innovations may require the installation of a professional. Don’t cut corners with your family’s security. Entrust them with the expertise of a licensed contractor for door installation in St. Louis.

5. Clean Up Done Easy

Home repairs, including door installations, can be a messy job. They require tools that, when used improperly, can cause damage to your home. In addition, these projects can make a big mess. True professionals handle your home with care. They will make sure not to scuff any floors, damage any doorways, or leave any debris behind.

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