Thinking about finishing your basement? You’re not the only one! Finishing your basement is one of the top renovations for St. Louis homeowners. It’s a great way to ensure your house’s foundation is up to code, increase your live-able space, and boost the value of your property. In fact, these are just some of the many reasons why you should consider finishing your basement. Read on to learn about the benefits of getting your basement finished!

Assesses Structural Damage and Health Hazards

For many homeowners, basements are sort of “out-of-sight,out-of-mind.” As a result, many things could be going awry down there without anyone knowing it! 

Starting a project involving your basement, such as finishing it, brings this part of your house to the top of the mind. Before you begin any renovation, a licensed professional will assess the basement to ensure there is no damage. For instance, did you know that cracked windows in the basement could potentially mean structural damage? Perhaps the foundation has cracked, and pests are getting in? These are things the average person would never notice! 

Also, licensed contractors have trained eyes that can help pinpoint signs of water damage and mold. The last thing you’d want to do is put a wall up or floor down that covers up these issues. They can cause potential health hazards and structural damage to your house down the road. 

Increases Your Liveable Space

1 in 4 Americans want more living space. From creating workout rooms, home offices, and reading areas, many homeowners are trying to make their houses serve their needs best. Your basement is a great starting point that provides plenty of space to make your dreams come true.

Finishing your basement can increase your liveable space exponentially. It can help you space out your needs so that your office isn’t doubling as your sewing room or your library as a storage area. 

Also, some spaces are better served in the basement, such as a workout area or a TV room. By relocating them to a finished basement, you can do more upstairs-appropriate renovations, such as adding a secondary kitchen or converting a room into a walk-in closet. 

Helps You Change Things Up

Sometimes a house feels stagnant, and you feel the need for a change. However, there are so many things to do, and you don’t know where to begin. Finishing your basement is a really good first step. When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, many floorplans are set in stone due to plumbing.

A basement in need of finishing is practically a clean slate. Just starting the project with insulation, flooring, or a fresh coat of paint can really inspire you to start to brainstorm what can be. 

A  basement is usually a pretty open floor plan. That’s when you can come to realize that one corner would make an excellent game room for the kids. Then, if you put up a wall, dad could get a workstation. In another corner, mom could finally get the infrared sauna she wanted. The possibilities are endless with a finished basement. 

Gives You More Room to Entertain

Finishing a basement turns a cold, damp storage space into a temperature-appropriate, comfortable place to entertain guests. With proper insulation, an air purification system, and new lighting, your finished basement could become the new hangout spot! 

Remember, basements tend to have more open floor areas than upstairs. There are typically fewer walls that can cause large parties to become segregated. 

If you prefer to entertain upstairs, the finished basement can become a cozy TV room. It’s the perfect place to set up projectors, install surround sound, set some smart lights to set the mood, and immerse yourself in a scary movie, rom-com, or latest binge-worthy show. 

Could Become A Source of Income or an In-Law Suite

By finishing your basement, you can potentially earn extra income or help out a loved one. There’s been an increase in homeowners renting out rooms, in-laws, pool houses, and finished basements to people on vacation. You can earn income by renting your finished basement to St. Louis tourists. 

Trusted, licensed professionals can install kitchenettes, put up walls, build bathrooms, ensure there is adequate ventilation for everything, and more! 

Many times, our family and friends need a helping hand. As much as we love them, we can’t imagine living with them. A finished basement with a separate entrance is a great way to help out someone you care about and keep them close; all the while, they get to keep their autonomy. 

Lastly, your finished basement could become a long-term source of income. By having a full-time rental in your basement, you could earn supplemental income through rent. This would help you earn back the costs of renovation and eventually make a profit. 

Boost the Perceived Value of Your House

Truth be told, many appraisers don’t include the basement in square footage. The odds of a basement being included in square footage may increase with a finished basement, but it’s not always the case. With that said, it doesn’t mean you can’t still ask for the highest value for your house. No matter what an appraiser says, potential homebuyers see a finished basement as a usable space. 

Many potential buyers will always try to counteroffer. However, your realtor can easily remind them that this figure doesn’t include the finished basement. 

It’s their job to help sell the amenities of the basement. Make sure the work done in the basement is highlighted whenever you prepare to sell your St. Louis home. Even if your house value may not increase drastically with a finished basement on paper, it does a lot for perceived value from the buyer, which can help justify your ideal asking price. 

Now is a better time than ever to start your basement project. Talk with Mosby Building Arts to finish your basement and turn it into the live-able space you deserve!