Dry Out a Water Damaged Basement

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Remove the carpet or lift it with many high volume fans blowing under the carpet. Remove and replace any carpet padding. DEHUMIDIFY with as many dehumidifiers as you can muster, one per 300 square feet or one per room depending on air movement. Ideally remove the carpet & pad to dry outdoors, and dehumidify the rest.

The wood framed wall will be wet from the bottom wood wall plate which then wicked up into the stud cavity and into the insulation. This is why HEAVY dehumidifying is so urgent. Quickly removing the moisture from the basement is the key.

However if no action has been taken in 72 hours at 70 degrees F, then removal of the lower drywall is necessary to dry the wall and then replace the insulation and wall board with new gypsum drywall. The goal is to dry the wood framing, insulation and drywall fast, before mildew and mold begin growing. Mold and mildew is first noticed by “smell.” There is no such thing as drying too fast.

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