The calendar has flipped to autumn, and fall in the Midwest is one of the best times to take advantage of sitting outside and enjoying the weather. But what can you do to your outdoor living space to give it a refreshing look and maximize your experience? Let’s look at some fall exterior remodeling trends that can help you achieve both.

Patio Upgrades

When it comes to patios, there are many options for your base. Aside from a normal poured concrete patio, a popular style is to use individual paver tiles in various patterns to create a strong base with an aesthetically pleasing look. Pavers allow for more creativity and can be easier to repair than concrete patios, as individual paver stones can be removed and replaced as needed.

Fire Tables

Fall weather is fire weather and while fires are a primitive part of nature, the ways to make a fire have evolved from simple logs in a firepit into sleek and convenient gas fire tables. With fire tables, there’s no need to fight to keep a flame or sustainable amount of heat because fire tables achieve a steady flame with a flip of a switch. Fire tables also bring a sense of luxury to your backyard and become an integral piece of furniture that contributes to the overall look and design of your outdoor living space.


The falling leaves of autumn signify the end for some plant life, but there are other plants that thrive and bloom in cooler temperatures. Colorful plants like Marigolds, Chrysanthemums and Violas are all great choices for beautiful landscaping around your outdoor living space. They will create a vibrant environment when other areas are browning.

Separate Grilling and Entertaining Areas


Not every outdoor space must be all-encompassing. Consider creating separate areas for grilling and entertaining. This will spread out your guests, allowing some to relax while others are cooking.

Technology Upgrades

Technology is constantly influencing how we live. By incorporating advanced technology into your outdoor living space, you can find new ways to enjoy your backyard. One idea is to incorporate an Arcadia system, a louvered pergola with shades that open and close by remote control. This gives you command of the amount of sun and shade on your patio at all times.


If you already have a covered patio or are considering building one, think about adding motorized solar shades that can provide added cover at the convenience of a button. And technology like televisions and sounds systems can help bring the party from inside the house to the outside.

However you choose to make your outdoor living space more enjoyable, enlist the help of Mosby Building Arts for your project. Mosby has more than 70 years experience in the St. Louis, MO home remodeling industry and has a deep bench of architects, designers, and craftspeople all under one roof.