I suspect a blockage in two probable areas prone to problems with disposals.

My first suggestion is to check your P-trap pipe below the disposal and sink, and clear it of any solid waste that may be caught there.

The second place to check for blockage is a hole on the side of the disposal where the drain pipe connects because it is prone to solid material build-up. After disconnecting electricity to the unit, remove the 90 degree pipe on the side of the disposer and clean the opening of gook and potentially crusty build-up. This is the hole where everything exits the disposer so it needs recurring attention. Then try draining you sink after cleaning these places and see if you get air bubbles.

If you still get bubbles then there is another place to clean and that is inside the wall where the horizontal pipe meets the vertical waste stack. This place is inaccessible so I recommend using Rid-X to biologically eat this residue blockage clear and return your pipes to operation.

Rid-X is just a bacteria that “eats” organic waste so I advise putting this material into your kitchen sink once a month for about 6 months to slowly eat away the blockage residue in your disposer and pipes, very simple and safe. Use Rid-X enzyme septic tank treatment to eat up all the organic waste and oils in your pipes and drains.

Rid-X has a Septic Tank Treatment product that can be mixed in warm water and poured down the sink and or flushed down every toilet. The enzyme is totally safe to pipes and fixtures and actually breaks down the oil, solids and waste inside the plumbing waste pipes, safely and inexpensively.

The Rid-X Recipe
Use 1 tablespoon of powder per 16 oz. of warm water. Mix it like tea and pour it down each bathroom and kitchen drain.

It does not need to sit in the traps for any length of time to work, so you can continue to use your drains immediately after applying the formula. Just use your sinks and toilets normally. Once the product is in your pipes it will thrive where you need it most – which is to say that it will “feed” or break down the organic waster where the build up exists. Just mix the Rid-X, dump it down the sink and then rinse the sink.

This material will grow in the p-trap, inside the pipes and generally eat away the sludge build up inside pipes that a sewer rooter cutting tool will not remove. Using bleach in your laundry or anti-bacterial soap kills this helpful bacteria so frequently put this bacteria enzyme into your plumbing drains.