Do You Really Want To Be Your Own Remodeling Contractor?

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Do you really want to be your own remodeling contractor?

When it comes to a large home remodeling contractor – like a new kitchen, master bathroom, finished basement or room addition – it can be tempting to save some money by acting as the general contractor. The larger the project, the larger the responsibilities you need to keep track of, and any inexperience with the process could cost you more time and money than what you thought you were saving on paper.

Before acting as the remodeling contractor, ask yourself these five questions:

Do you have the time to devote to this project?

Managing a remodel project becomes a full-time job with few breaks and many potential surprises. There is a constant flow of communication and continuous translation of ideas; there are schedules to organize for the various laborers, materials to order from vendors, and the expectation of quality work to oversee. A remodeling contractor is where the buck stops for any problems that arise, and trouble doesn’t care about family time. Managing your project timeline is a significant portion of a general contractor’s duties. If you are working your regular full-time job while managing this project or running a full household of family activities while managing your scope of work, things can become chaotic and overwhelming very quickly.

Do you have the knowledge to keep things moving?

A remodeling project is about much more than knowing how to properly build things. A remodeling contractor must also know building codes, when to file for permits and schedule inspections, and who is the most reliable and reputable sub-contractors. Experience teaches them the best temperatures for painting or when to pour concrete, and how to best communicate with every person involved to achieve the intended outcome. This is the knowledge that encompasses both little and big-picture thinking.

Do you have the personality of a project manager?

A remodeling project manager is an organized, flexible, multitasking, problem-solver who remains patient and professional under pressure while acting as the mediator for everyone involved with the project. These characters are unique to doing the job well. The personality traits of a project manager evolve over time and experience, molded by the circumstances of successfully completed jobs.

Do you have the connections to build the best team?

A remodeling contractor oversees the relationships between a long chain of clientele, architects, designers, any sub-contractors, and vendors. It’s not always about hiring the cheapest bidder; a good contractor knows who delivers the best quality and least trouble for your money. This knowledge comes from building relationships over time, and you benefit from a team that works well together. A remodeling contractor should put together the best team for your project.

Do you know about budgeting, finances, and insurance?

Minimizing costs and staying within a budget is the general contractor’s puzzle. From negotiating prices on services and materials to the endless paperwork of payroll and tax documents, a general contractor can also be a bookkeeper and an accountant. And then there’s the general liability, builder’s risk and fire insurance that you must have to secure a bank loan for a construction project in your home. A remodeling contractor takes care of all these details, so you don’t have to.

If answering the questions above did not cause you anxiety or concern, then you may have been a general contractor before, or are a suitable candidate to give it a go. But if you’d prefer someone else handle all the details, potential problems, and responsibilities that come with a large remodeling project, do yourself a favor and hire a good general contractor. This will bring you peace of mind, and a chance to take a break from the chaos remodeling can bring, and have someone to call for help.

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