The first thing a person tends to see when they look at a house is the siding. The siding of your house serves dual purposes. It’s intended to protect your loved ones and possessions. However, your siding is also what gives your house its distinct personality. Whether you’re looking to sell your St. Louis house or already inhabit your forever home, no one likes to pull up to peeled paint or missing panels. That’s why it’s important to get siding installed properly by a licensed professional. Here are some reasons why proper siding installation is crucial for your house.

Repair and Prevent Structural Damage

Getting new siding may require two approaches for one job. Many times, siding that needs replacing is already damaged or missing. As a result, the house may have suffered structural damage, such as cracks in the drywall or mold growth.

Sometimes these issues aren’t noticeable until the current siding comes off. Once exposed, the contractor must be knowledgeable in how to handle whatever damage has been discovered.

From there, they must know how to put the new siding on properly. Contractors must take meticulous measurements and cut perfectly to ensure that the siding is secure to the unique dimensions of your house. Otherwise, you run the risk of some structural damage issues. After all, improperly installed new siding is just as useful as old, damaged siding.  

Improves Energy Efficiency


As old siding degrades, so does insulation. Putting on new siding is the perfect opportunity to update and maybe even upgrade your insulation. 

Insulated vinyl has become one of the most popular materials for energy-efficient siding in St. Louis. This material has a high R-value, which is how well your insulation restricts heat from flowing in and out of the house. Stucco and wood are also good options, but they have their limitations. Talk to a contractor who is knowledgeable in energy efficiency and materials so that you can make an educated decision about your updates. 

Keeps Pests Out

With time, nails that keep siding in place may become loose or corrode. These little shifts in the interlocking nature of your siding may not be visible to our eyes. However, critters and other pests can see this opportunity and build upon it. Pests can find their way into the tiniest of holes and make a house out of your home. They can also make the damage worse as they continue to come in and out of their new digs. 

A New siding project can be beneficial for identifying and preventing critters from becoming squatters. Improper installation will only open the door for more unwanted intruders. Make sure you work with a licensed professional contractor in St. Louis to ensure your siding is installed properly. 

Allows You to Update Window Dressing

Removing siding also presents opportunities to make minor upgrades that will make a big difference in your home. Installing new j-channels and trim, which are borders around the window, is extremely challenging with the current siding in place. J-channels can start to look weathered with time. If you had new windows installed, current j-channels might not even match the aesthetic you’re trying to create. 

By upgrading your siding, you can make a cost-effective upgrade to your window dressing. This will increase your curb appeal to potential buyers or make your home that much more appealing to you!

Increases Value of Your Home

Even if you don’t plan on moving, who doesn’t want to increase the value of their St. Louis property? Getting new siding done professionally is a great way to increase your curb appeal and improve your home’s market value. The average new home buyer doesn’t want to spend money on big upgrades. While new siding is affordable, it’s low on the bucket list of many new homeowners. They want to focus on the “fun” things like kitchen and bathroom upgrades

Getting new siding is a practical way to make your house look even more attractive, whether you’re looking to sell or stay forever. 

Just make sure you work with contractors who know what they’re doing. Improper installation can be detrimental to the value of your home and the property you have inside of it. Consult with us today to start your new siding project.