A St. Peters, MO woman bought a fixer-upper ranch house that needed some repairs and updates, but she liked its open plan and could see the potential.

01 mosby move stairwell

While she could take care of many of the projects herself, there was one item that she called “the elephant in the room.” As shown above, in the area between the kitchen and family room was a stairwell down to the basement with three thick half walls that created an awkward barrier separating the spaces. She knew there would be important structural issues related to relocating a staircase that is best handled by professionals, so she invited a Mosby Consultant to her home.

The Mosby Consultant came up with a plan to move the stairwell to run beside the front exterior wall, between the front door and family room wall. This would free up space in the middle of the room, remove the visual barrier, and create a more private entrance to the basement.

02 mosby move stairwell

While leaving the original stairwell open for business, we mapped out the opening for the new stairway by removing the flooring and cutting the sheathing, as shown above.

03a mosby move stairwell


To support the floor load while modifying its structure, a temporary wall was erected in the basement before cutting the floor joists to create a clear opening. The photo above shows that process.  Concurrently, we took care of two HVAC vents by shortening one and moving the other closer to the front door.

04a mosby move stairwell


The next step (shown above) was installing new structural members to spread the floor load back to the foundation wall and the central load-bearing beam. With new double and triple floor beams and joists in place the temporary wall was removed, and the new opening was framed, drywalled, and the new set of stairs were installed.

05 mosby move stairwell

There are two important sidebars to the story. First, building a new wall gave us the opportunity to add insulation along the exterior wall, which can be seen in the above photo between the drywall and the window. The second item is the windows, which by IRC building code now need to be tempered glass for the safety of those using the stairwell. We installed a protective film over the lower window sash that mimics the response of tempered glass if it were to be broken. This is a legal and cost-effective solution for keeping a perfectly good window.


06 mosby move stairwell


Once the new stairwell was functional, the old one was removed and the opening in the floor filled in with short floor joists and covered with plywood subflooring. The space is secure and ready for the new flooring. With the “elephant in the room” gone, our client was very happy because her vision of an open floor plan was actualized.


07 mosby move stairwell

Finally, the new stairway was finished (above) with trim, railings and a door at the bottom of the stairs to close off the unfinished basement. All that’s left to be done is new flooring that sweeps across the entire open space, and staining and painting the new stairwell.

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